In the year 2017 is announced the serial of races for ¼ mile with a possibility of the member licence. 
The race is open to anyone who has reached the age of 18 years and holds driving licence category A (motorcycles), B (cars, racing special cars).The racers with vehicles classified in the category "PROFI" are bound to wear an attached motoring helmet on their heads. In the category "STREET" the safety motoring helmet is not mandatory, but Automotosprint CR recommends it.

Sorting of Vehicles

Category STREET (passenger cars)

Class Drive Type Capacity
S0 P, Z Petrol - Atmospheric up to 1455 cm3 - supercharged (turbo, compressor) up to 1000 cm3
S1 P, Z Petrol - Atmospheric 1455 - 1650 cm3 - supercharged (turbo, compressor) 1000 -1450 cm3
S2 P, Z Petrol - Atmospheric 1651 - 2550 cm3 - atmospheric Wankel up to 1600 cm3 - supercharged (turbo, compressor) 1450 - 1650  cm3
S3 P, Z Petrol - Atmospheric 2550 - 3800 cm3 - supercharged Wankel up to 1600 cm3 - supercharged (turbo, compressor) 1650-2550 cm3
S4 P, Z Petrol - Atmospheric over 3800 cm3 - supercharged (turbo, compressor) over 2550 cm3
4x4 Petrol
  • Atmospheric irrespectively of capacity
  •  Supercharged (turbo, compressor) up to 2500 cm3
S5 4x4 Petrol - Supercharged (turbo, compressor) over 2500 cm3

Diesel - Up to 2250 cm3

Diesel - Over 2250 cm3

Explanation: P - FWD - front-wheel drive Z - RWD – rear-wheel drive 4x4 - AWD -  drive of  both  axles

Category PROFI (racing specials cars)

Třída Pohon Typ Capacity
P2 P Petrol - Supercharged (turbo, compressor, nitro), irrespectively of capacity
P3 4x4, Z Petrol - Supercharged (turbo, compressor, nitro) up to 2100 cm3

Diesel - Multi supercharging (e.g. Turbo + nitro) up to 2100 cm3
P4 4x4, Z Petrol - Supercharged (turbo, compressor, nitro) over 2100 cm3

-Karts, quad and special vehicles type of dragster

Diesel - Multi supercharged (e.g. turbo-nitro) over2100 cm3

Petrol - Atmospheric up to 2500 cm3

Diesel - Up to 1600 cm3 with 1 typeof supercharging(turbo or nitro, ...)

Petrol - Atmospheric over 2500 cm3

Diesel - Over 1600 cm3 with 1 type ofsupercharging (turbo or nitro, ...)

Explanation: P - FWD - front-wheel drive Z - RWD – rear-wheel drive 4x4 - AWD -  drive of both  axles

Classification of Vehicles into Classes

11.3.1 According to drive, type, capacity, supercharging.

11.3.2 Vehicles will also be included in the relevant class according to the supercharging in the vehicle, even if this system is not in operation. By application of the "Nitro" system the vehicle will be classified to higher category than it would be without this system. Merging of categories and classes is not possible.

11.3.3 The vehicles with a hybrid drive are classified into the relevant capacity category regardless of this fact. The vehicles with purely electric drive will be included into the category according to the official electromotor output by the organizer.

11.3.4 The vehicles with two combustion engines ("Bimoto") and 4x4 drive will be categorized as P3 or P4 depending on the capacity summation of both the engines.

11.3.5 Light and open roadsters with tubular frame (Caterham, Kaipan, Ariel, KTM, Tiger …) are classified in the category Street depending on the engine capacity by 1 category above. In the Profi category they are classified according to engine capacity and turbocharging.

11.3.6 For the category Street is valid, that the cars made originally as atmospheric, are with the additional modification of supercharging (turbo, compressor, nitro ...) transferred by 1 category above. Injection of water and methanol is not considered as supercharging. 

Announced Classifications

11.4 Announced classifications according to the categorized vehicles

11.3.1 to 11.3.6

Determination of the winner and rating

11.5.1 The winner of the race is the racer who wins the final race and on the second place is the beaten finalist. The third in the order is determined by the final race of the beaten semifinalists. The fifth to eighth scoring place shall be determined according to the results of the qualification. The winner of the qualification, in the specified classes, is a racer, who reaches in the measured drive the best time (the time without a reaction), where he must drive at least two measured drives and he must be able to return back with the vehicle to the starting area. Towing from the finish area to the start area is allowed only for the category dragster.

11.5.2 The organizer has the right to stop the race, if there arises such a danger that might threaten racers, organizers or visitors. In this case, for determining the winner of the race the placement in the qualification decides. 

11.5.3 The racers gain according to placement in the race he following points:

• 1st place  20 points, 
• 2nd place 15 points, 
• 3rd place  12 points, 
• 4th place  10 points, 
• 5th place    8 points, 
• 6th place    6 points, 
• 7th place    4 points, 
• 8th place    2 points.

11.5.4 The overall winner of the series, in his class, will become the racer, who in registered races gets totally the highest number of the points. Into the overall rating are registered all the results of races that have been announced for the given year. If there is the equal number of points, the overall winner becomes the one who scored on a fewer number of races and consequently the number of better placement in the given season is taken into account.  Into the overall rating are classified only those racers who participated in at least three races in given season.