Approved Statutes

 Statutes of the Association 

 Art. 1 
 Name, location, scope and status of the Association. 
 1 / Association name: Automotosprint ČR z.s.
 2 / Registered office: Seč, Sídliště 9. Května 317, 538 07 
 3 / The Association operates throughout the Czech Republic, it is not divided into other administrative units-the whole Association is locally relevant administrative unit. 
 4 / Status of the Association: the Association is the legal entity in accordance with Law No. 89/2012 of the Civil Code. 
 5 / The Association is a voluntary, non-governmental, non-profit and apolitical association of individuals regardless of their sex, education, race, nationality, religion and political beliefs. 

 Art.  2 
 Objectives of Association.
 1 / To allow fans of automobile and motorcycle sport within the active use of their free time to participate in speed races on a closed track in a confined space, which the Association itself will organize. 
 2 / To popularize this kind of motor sport among the general public. 
 3 / To contribute to the sense of responsibility of racers for the safe driving according to the specified rules and not only in own races, but also in everyday public traffic. 

 Art.  3 
 Forms of Association activities.
 1 / Organizing series of speed automobile and motorcycle races - mostly on 1/4 mile - on  hired areas that are suitable for this purpose, especially at airports throughout the Czech Republic, in cooperation with the competent authorities. 
 2 / Practical activity in preparing and own organizing of the racing process and the races´ evaluation, especially in the area of safety for racers and public audience. 

 3 / To provide promotion inclusive of usage audio-visuals programmes and to provide necessary facilities for racers and visitors of these events during races and other demonstrations projects to popularize motoring sport.  

 4 / Within the charitable activities of the Association to enable the participation of disabled or socially disadvantaged people at events, which are suitable for them by means of sponsorship of some institutions in the near neighbourhood of the Association. 
5 / Web site operation /, serving to promote the Association and its activities and inform members about actions of the Association and its results. 
6 / Participation in administrative and other procedures, which may affect the interests of the Association or the rented sport areas. 

 Art.  5 
 Membership in Association. 
 1 / The founding member of the Association is a natural person against his/her  membership no reasonable objections were raised by other persons. 
 2 / The members of the Association may be natural persons over 18 years old. 
 3 / Membership requires approval of the Statute of the Association, expressed in a written application, support of its goals and activities, adherence to the assumed obligations towards the Association and dignity and representing the Association. 
 4 / The membership begins on the day when the Chairman of the Association decides on the admission of applicant on the basis of his/her written application.  It must contain the applicant's name and surname, permanent address, date of birth, phone number or e-mail address, date of application and the handwritten signature of the applicant. 
 5 / The Association member has the right to: 
 – participate in all activities of the Association and be informed about this activity 
 – apply to the Association Chairman with ideas, suggestions and complaints 
 – elect the Association Chairman 
 - judge and approve reports of the Association activities and reports about Association economy
 - at any time terminate membership in the Association
6 / The member of the Association shall: 
 -comply with the Association statutes  
 -defend the good name of the Association 
 -faithfully carry out the duties of the tasks assigned to him or her in the Association without undue delay 
 -respect the decision of the Association authority  
 -pay the membership fee 
 -defend the interests of motor sport and adhere to its regulations 
 -announce to the Association Chairman all changes of data contained in the application.

 Art.  6 
 Termination of  Membership 
 The membership in the Association is terminated: 
 1 / by notifying member about termination of the membership in the Association
 2 / death 
 3 / by exclusion for gross violation of the Association Statutes
 4 / failure to comply with the principles of safety at Association events 
 5 / absence in three consecutive meetings of the Association members 

 Art.  7 
 Association Authorities 
The Association authorities are: Membership Meeting, Chairman and the Association Executive. 
 1 / Membership Meeting: 
 - it is the supreme body of the Association, meets at least once a year 
 – the Membership Meeting is called by the Chairman of the Association at least 30 days prior to the meeting 
 – the Membership Meeting shall have a quorum regardless of the number of members     present 
 - the Membership Meeting  takes decisions by voting.  For the acceptance of decisions it is required approval by an absolute majority of members present 
 - the Membership Meeting is also called by the Association committee, if it is requested in writing by 1/2 of the members of the Association within a period of 30 days, unless the later deadline is given in the application 
- the Chairman of the Association is elected by the Membership Meeting for the period of 5 years 
 - the Membership Meeting approves the report of the activities and economy of the Association for the last period
 -the Membership Meeting determines the form and activities for the next period 
 2 / Chairman of Association 
- is the statutory and executive body of the Association 
- his term of office is five years 
-  nominates the Association Executive and withdraws him from his office 
- in case of illness, long lasting absence of the Association Chairman, he authorizes the Association Executive by Association management
-  accepts the Association members and decides about their expulsion 
-  accounts for its work to the Association Membership Meeting 
-  directs the activities of the Association throughout the whole electoral term
- prepares the annual report on the activities and economy for the previous last year, which then presents to the Membership Meeting 
- acts on behalf of the Association and represents it externally 
-  takes all necessary legal steps to ensure activities and mission of the Association and signs contracts and agreements 
- delegates in a written form of attorney power the person to act independently on behalf of the Association 
- keeps the list of members of the Association and other required records 
- approves the amount of membership fees 
- the performance of the Association Chairman starts on the election and ends on the date of the agreement termination, death and dissolution of the Association 
- promotes the Association and its activities to the public 

 Art.  8 
 Association Economy
 1 / Association is  non-profit organization. 
 2 / Association Chairman is responsible for Association economy, Association is headed by  Association Executive.
3 / Association income consists of: 
- membership dues
- donations from individuals and juridical persons 
- subsidies and grants 
- income from ticket sales at Association events  
- entry fee from racers 
- from renting of advertising space 
- fees for promoting other individuals and juridical persons during Association events 

 4 / Association expenditures are spent in accordance with the function and activities of the Association and costs are always supported by relevant accounting documents. 
 5 / Association Chairman makes the Association members acquainted with the results of Association economy and balance of accounts annually at the first meeting of members in the new calendar year. 

 Art.  9 
 Dissolution of the Association 
 Association dissolves: 
 1 / By voluntary dissolving of the Association or incorporation with another Association according to decision of the Association Chairman. 
 2 / By decision of the competent judicial authority. 
 3 / Any assets remaining after liquidation of the Association will be according to decision of the Association Chairman handed over to a non-profit juridical person whose goals are similar to the goals of the Association. 

 Art.  10 
 Final Provisions. 
 1 / Issues not regulated by these Articles shall be governed by generally applicable laws and regulations. 
 2 / The Statutes were approved at the inaugural meeting of the Association members  on January 25, 2014. 
 3 / The Statutes become effective upon registration in the public register of Associations at the Regional Court. 
 Prepared by: 

 Jiří Nikl - Founder of the Association