Sporting regulations


Introductory provisions 
Sporting Regulations contain the basic rules for the organization and evaluation of automobile and motorcycle sprint. They are binding for all participants and organizers in all the sprints categories held by Automotosprint Czech Republic. 


automobile and motorcycle sprint is a speed discipline, organized on a track with a solid surface which is closed for the sprint, where racers try to achieve the best possible time. Mostly it is a parallel driving of two vehicles with a start from rest in two drive ways at a specified distance (usually 1/4 mile). 


1.2 The track surface 
Sprint track surface must be made of good quality concrete or asphalt, no potholes, wider cracks and must be free from deposits of mud, biological impurities respectively oil stains and similar deposits deteriorating the adhesion of surface. The section of track or the whole speed part can be penetrated with a special material approved for sprint races. 
2.2 Track length 
The track is 1.4 miles long (402.33 meters). The race organizer can shorten or elongate this length in accordance with the possibilities of the given racecourse. The exact length of the track, however, must be specified prior to the start of the race. 

2.3 Track dimensions 
The track is divided into the high-speed part, see art. 2.2  ,and the decelerating part. In case of option 402.33 m the decelerating part of the track must measure at least 300 m, in case of shorter options this distance is determined by organizer depending on weather conditions and the track surface. 
The width of two parallel tracks  is min. 7 m,  i.e. 3.5 m / track, whereas the central line must be visibly marked. 

2.4 Lanes 
The track is divided into two separate lanes. Both lanes are governed by the same starting procedure but the timing works independently for both racers.  Within the frame of  individual rides is allowed to run in pairs or individually. Finish line must be clearly marked with highly visible symbols in the middle of the sprinting track. 

2.5 Security marking of the track
The track must be separated by designating a protective zone between the viewer and the racing vehicle. 
2.6 "Burn out" area
"Burn out" area serves for tires heating and the length of this space is min. 10 m. The inspector will call another pair in only in case, that the both previous vehicles took position at the starting line. 

2.7 Weather Conditions 
Suitability track conditions affected by the weather are always reviewed by the organizer of the event. He can stop the race or correct timetable in case of adverse weather conditions . 
3. Participation in races 
The race is open to anyone who has reached the age of 18 years and holds a driving license category A (motorcycles), B (cars, racing cars). 

To participate in the race is not required professional license of the racer. 

 Each racer can participate in race with more vehicles, but each one must be in a different class. For each vehicle he must file an entry and pay the entry fee. 

More racers cannot compete with one vehicle. 

 One vehicle cannot be registered in more categories-classes. 

 Only the racer must be in the vehicle in the final race .


Anyone who wants to participate in sprint must deliver to the organizer the entry form and pay the entry fee till the date of the entries closure.
 If the organizer finds during the technical acceptance that a vehicle does not correspond the category / class to which it was applied, it can be transferred to the corresponding category on the bases of the organizer statement.
By signing the entry the racer agrees with the conditions of the race


Each racer who will participate in sprint will come with his vehicle to the technical inspection at the specified time.
At the moment, when during the technical inspection the inspector finds that the vehicle does not conform, there can be set the time till the vehicle will be in a satisfactory condition.
If the vehicle does not fulfill the satisfactory conditions it will not be allowed to start.
During the administrative vehicles inspection there will be held control of a driving license with the permission to drive registered vehicle and certificate of registration except the category “PROFI “
The technical inspection has a general character (inspection of type, classification into category and class, check of safety components and vehicle roadability.)
In case of collision on the track the racer must present the vehicle for inspection whether the vehicle can continue in the race.


Each racer receives from the organizer a start number in the form of sticker, which is required to stick on the race car as instructed by the organizer. Motorcycles may not have a starting number stuck (however, it is recommended for better orientation between racers). All racers are obliged to borrow at the organizer the identification chip bracelet or card against a refundable deposit of CZK 100. These chips can be rented for individual races or even for the whole race series. 
Start procedure. 
Each racer has the possibility of 2x tire heating - "burn out" before standing on the starting line.

The racer moves on the starting line only according to instruction of the starter and follows his orders.
After taking up his starting position in both tracks, the race is started by the green light signal.


Each racer participates at his own responsibility. 
During the measured drive is mandatory to use the safety belts.
To operate telemetry computer equipments, which optimize the electronics setting, is allowed outside the race track and starting area.
The maximum permitted speed is up to 30 km/h in the whole race area.
In the pace of the race is strictly prohibited burning rubbers, drifting and any acrobatic elements except the area intended for it.
After the completion of the speed part, each racer moves as quickly as possible via the outer traffic line or waits on the lay-by finish area for collective return to the starting area 
(it is determined by the organizer) and he must keep the maximum allowed speed.

8.1 Qualification 
Qualification takes place in a given time period specified by the organizer before the start of the race. Racers can make any number of rides in this time frame. 
- In case of deteriorated surface in one race track the race can only take place separately in    the second track. 
The race is only open to racers and vehicles who have passed the administration and technical acceptance.
The condition of classification is to run at least two measured rides and the vehicle must be able to go back to the start area (depot). Exception is for return of dragsters P7 and motorcycles M5.
During the qualification race there may not be the vehicles of the same categories-classes on both lanes.
The measured value is the time between the intersection of the start and finish photocell.
All achieved times in the race must be available to the racer (electronic form, printout or scoreboard of the organizer). 
The best achieved time in any qualification ride is the result of vehicle score.
In case of the same achieved time of the racers in the listed categories- classes, the maximum speed in this rides is decisive and than the second best time of the other rides.

8.2 Final drives
Final drive runs each class separately. 
4 racers from the qualification go to the final drives without reaction according to the best achieved time in their class and start the semifinal accordance with their placement on qualification 1-4 and 2-3.
The final ride between two racers from the semifinals will decide about the winner of the race in each class. When there are three racers, the winner of the qualification competes only for the first placement. If this racer does not start or fail the finish he will be placed third.
The third on the list is determined by the final ride of the defeated semifinalists.
The racer with a better time from qualification has the right to choose the lane in finals.
In case the racer does not appear in final duel within 1 minute from the invitation, than he loses this duel. The organizer may, for various reasons, extend this period.
When the racer in the final race has no opponent, he needs not complete the ride.
Failure to complete the ride or early start means that the racer is eliminated from the race.
The racer with better time including reaction wins the final ride. (The racer with proper start who goes through the finish as the first).
In case both racers start early loses the race the one who started earlier.
The final rides are performed on one ride, in case of identical time, the time without reaction time decides.
Repetition of the final ride is permitted with the organizer permission only in case of technical problems (timing, track, spectators, etc.).
If the racer does not finish the ride due to failure of other racer, so he wins the ride and proceeds further.
The fifth up to eight scoring place is determined according to the results of qualification.


9.1 Behaviour during the race 
Each racer can pass through the ride driving the vehicle, which was registered into the race along with him. The racer will be disqualified from the race if he race with another vehicle. 
9.2 Disqualifying from driving 
Disqualifying from driving and cancelling the achieved time is in these cases: 
Crossing the center line or contact with another vehicle. 
Earlier start. 
Contact with the timing device. 
Due to the influence of alcohol or any other addictive drug.
Unfair behaviour. 


10.1 Each  protest against the result of competition, respectively against the technical condition of another vehicle must be submitted no later than 30 minutes after the posting of provisional final classification. 
10.2 All racers with their vehicles must be available to the race organizers. 


Prizes will be handed over to the three best racers in each category according to the schedule.